International missions

Please look over the following information and pray for the missionaries as they spread God's word to the corners of the earth.


For the last twenty years, Pastor Mark and groups from Gateway have traveled to San Felipe, Mexico to help establish and to participate in evangelical work. Opportunities while in San Felipe have included helping clear off property and outlining the first worship center. Since then, there have been several additions to this worship center including a parsonage, a parking lot, and a second church structure. San Felipe now has a thriving congregation of English-speaking ex-patriots and Spanish-speaking locals. If you are interested in going to serve in San Felipe, a 3-day, 2-night trip is being planned for late this year.


Gateway is currently supporting the Gomez family through Pan-American Missions as they serve in Costa Rica. Leslie Gomez was born in Costa Rica and has dual citizenship in Costa Rica and the USA. His grandfather was a deacon of the first evangelical church established in the country.

Currently Leslie is doing the "tent-making" by teaching music in a private school. He plans to retire in a few years to be able to dedicate himself fully to ministry. Leslie's wife, Claudia, is collaborating with the Costa Rican Bible Society and teaching Historical Panorama of the Bible (HPB) to five separate groups formed from many different churches. HPB is a course, created by Claudia, designed to help the common church member read through and study the bible in chronological order. 


For more than forty years, Pan-American Missions in Mexico, founded by Claude and Esther Cook, has been obedient to God's call to "preach the good news to the people" in Southern Mexico and parts of Guatemala. The Mission is interdenominational and supports a thriving ministry in Puerto Madero, Chiapas. 

Pan-American Missions' home provides compassionate ministries, including supplying people in need with clothing, eyeglasses, shoes, school supplies, Bibles, and Christian literature. It provides shelter and spiritual support for people and families who need help, hosts prayer retreats and camps, and helps young people and churches purchase music equipment to further their ministry.


Pastor Bala ministers in Agra, India in the shadows of the Taj Mahal. He faces religious persecution as he assists orphaned children. Church members from Gateway have travelled there numerous times to support and encourage him in his ministry. The children are housed and educated through support from our church. In January 2012, Gateway sent a team to hold a pastor's conference and dental clinic. 


Joseph grew up in a leper colony because his father had leprosy. His mother spent most of her days striving to gain the favor of a Hindu god by washing a temple's steps with her hair. Joseph has lived among some of India's lowest, most outcast people. Joseph works as a translator, ministers in the leper colony (where he runs an AWANA program), and regularly visits and encourages other ministers in the slums. He has helped start free Christian schools for children living in the slums, as education is not free in India. He has helped raise resources for widows so they might work to provide income and pride through avenues such as sewing. Joseph, his wife, and two children live in Delhi.


Pastor Eric Mukwenda's ministry in Arusha, Tanzania is a model for spreading the gospel, feeding the poor, and equipping the saints. The main church in Arusha has planted six churches and founded an elementary school for underprivileged students. A team from Gateway went to Tanzania in 2011 to establish a computer lab for the Arusha Marantha Academy and to deliver chemically treated mosquito nets to defend students against Malaria.


Manuel Morales is the pastor of a church on the outskirts of Havana and he also teaches at the Baptist Seminary. His wife, Ana Esther, leads worship and records music locally. She has also done extensive work translating the Baptist Hymnal. They face huge obstacles in reaching souls for Christ due to the government. Please pray that Pastor Manuel's church, and others in Cuba, will soon be liberated from Communist oppression and that this beautiful island nation will begin to thrive economically again as it's opened to the world.


Just north of Bangkok, Dan, Na, and their son Daniel minister to the orphans and school children of their village. Na grew up in Thailand and married Dan. The Tisdales attended Gateway for many years before returning to Na's homeland. They have shared with us several times and would love to see our church members travel to this exotic country.


Our church partnered in the summer of 2011 with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Jamaica. Over 5 years ago, Hurricane Ivan, a category 5 hurricane, hit a Christian compound in Mandeville, Jamaica, tearing the roof off the chapel facility and slamming it into the missionary's home. Since that time, repairs have been made to the chapel and the school. Our mission team of 28 people continued repair work and conducted a vacation bible school. 176 children attended VBS amd over 40 prayed to receive Christ.


Gateway's Children's Ministry, Grow, sponsors two children, Hanna Bedilu in Ethiopia and Enock Siankazi in Zambia, through World Vision. Both these children live in poverty stricken areas. Although these children live with their families, the parents struggle to meet their needs. Sponsorship through World Vision helps provide these children and their communities assistance needed to save a generation from the HIV and AIDS crisis through tangible prevention and care programs. Additionally, this sponsorship helps these children and their families gain access to basic needs and learn about God's unconditional love.


Erion is Albanian and comes from a Muslim background. He was saved through a VBS program that was run in his village when he was 12 years old. He has been working with the Church in Korca, Albania since 2001.

Melodie is American. She grew up in San Diego, CA in a Christian family and at the age of 12 felt that God was calling her to be a missionary. She graduated from San Diego Christian College and moved to Albania as a missionary in 2005. She worked in the church of Korca as the Jr. High director. Their dream is to model our church plant in Pogradec after the Korca Church. Pogradec is a city of 35-40,000 people Located on Lake Ohrid about 35 minutes from Korca. It is a Muslim city and unlike Korca, it has a large community of radical Muslims. They currently have a youth group of 25 and a children's program of 20. The majority of them are boys.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these ministries, please email the church office at

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